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We offer you over 20 modern trucks capable of transporting any kind of products.

Drivong Routs

Anywhere on the Balkans, Croatia, Slovenia, Hungary and most of our tours are from Turkey to Croatia and back!


We have 35 full time employees in the company. The owner of the company Zoran Micev.

We are the best solution for your transporting needs!

Zigo Sped is a company dose international transport of goods. The company was started in year 1991 since then it exist on transport international market!

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All of our trucks are equipped whit GPS so you can track them 24/7 while your products are transported! From the 35 employees 20 of them are professional truck drivers, 5 mechanics, 2 people who clean the trucks, 8 administrators!


Some of our trucks

We have over 20+ avallible modern trucks!

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